Hi, I'm Helen.


I am a certified personal and professional coach trained through CTI and registered with the ICF. 


I help individuals and groups understand how to move to a place of fulfillment and freedom - at work and at home. 


I do this using my trademarked reform process which takes you on a journey of reforming who you are, the rules you live and work by and the beliefs you have about yourself and those around you.


It is a process of innovating change, of creating a life, a career, a marriage, a way of being in the world that is free and fulfilling - a place you can thrive instead of merely surviving. 


We are all taught a specific worldview with rules we have to follow to 'fit in' - about who we should be and what we should do. This tends to show up relationally, and it's here where we see people feeling trapped by roles they once dreamed of that are now holding them hostage. Instead of feeling fulfilled by being a mom, a leader, a husband (fill in the blanks), we feel trapped and caged by the expectations and rules that surround each role. 


In the past few years, I have learned to doubt, question and re-form the social scripts for each of my roles, relationships, and responsibilities.


I still have many of the same roles - mum, wife, daughter, leader, entrepreneur, coach, teacher, Christian - but I am living those roles based on a reformed set of values, beliefs, and practices that serve the person I am and was always created to be - a woman of freedom, confidence, clarity, and integrity. I stopped allowing everyone else to define who I had to be, and started living life in a way that helped me thrive.


I re-wrote the rules. 


I chose my non-negotiables, throwing out the ones I had been told I had to have. 


I choose how I define those roles so that I don't feel trapped by them.


And I walk out the values that are my compass, my true north, my way to fulfillment.


And now I know how much freedom is on this path, I use my role as a certified personal and professional life coach to help other people reform their roles at home, at work, in society and in their process of faith deconstruction.   







BA(ed) QTS in Education and English

CPCC  coaching certification through CTI

ACC coaching certification with ICF

ORSC organisational & team systems coaching trained through CRR Global

Behaviour management specialist training through the University of Kingston

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