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I seek to pass on the message that transformation is possible - even in the most stuck places in your life and work.


I've been called a self-help junkie. I probably am. I always have 15 books on the go and 9 new podcasts that are blowing my mind. I love to pioneer new ideas and to open the doors that keep people stuck, to help them find freedom and authenticity in their lives. 


I work with lots of different types of people, with the common thread of creating transformation in their understanding of themselves, and then the world around them.


I have used my 20+ years of experience in behavioral change, personal and leadership development, and professional coaching to create a range of programs, journals, books and retreats that promote transformation and fulfillment. These processes take you on a journey from stuck to unstuck, from playing small to being authentic, from being unsure to clarity, and from being trapped in a life you don't love to being free. 


I can help you discover your core identity and move beyond the boxes you've been put in, to create a way of being and doing that is life-giving.



The most important thing is that coaching saved my life. When I was in my toughest stage - I didn't know who I was, what I wanted, where I fit or if I mattered - I went on a coaching retreat and it changed everything. I have a coach, I continue to do the work every single month, and I believe in this stuff - it's powerful. My life is more conscious, more aligned, more fulfilling and freer because of the guidance of the coaches I've worked with. And this is why I do what I do - freedom and fulfillment, helping others to live life in all its fullness, like my coaches did for me. 






BA(ed) QTS in Education and English

CPCC coaching certification through CTI

ACC coaching certification with ICF

ORSC organisational & relationship systems coaching trained through CRR Global

Behaviour management specialist training through the University of Kingston