welcome to coaching

Coaching has, until fairly recently, been reserved for corporate environments and those with megabucks and lavish lifestyles. Luckily, times have changed. When I first started coaching, I knew very few people who had experienced coaching outside of the executive world. People didn't know what it was and were therefore somewhat skeptical of what coaching was and about having coaching themselves. 

My Nanna said so much when she questioned how listening to people talk was a 'real job'. Everyone needs a Northern Nanna to keep their feet on the floor. 

In recent years, the tide has turned and coaching has become more well known and accepted. Where once people didn't talk about seeing a therapist, we are now more open with getting mental health support. The more comfortable we have become with getting help from a professional at certain points in our lives, the more people have sought out coaching as an option. These days, I find many many people who have worked with a coach and would recommend and value coaching as a set of tools. 

Coaching is a series of powerful, confidential conversations between client and coach. As a certified personal and professional coach, I work with lots of different types of people who are keen to access the tools of coaching in their work lives, personal lives, and in a wider sense.

Most people come to me because something isn't working. Maybe they've hit a crossroads or are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled. Some just want to prioritise having someone hold them accountable for making necessary changes or gaining awareness in their life or about themselves.  

In short, a coach will stand alongside you helping you to gain clarity and confidence in creating a life, a career, and a way of being that works for you. 

If you're curious about coaching, I offer a 30-minute free trial conversation where you can get a taste of what coaching is like, before making a deeper commitment.

Simply email me at hi@helencottee.com to book your session.