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The 30-day IDENTITY Challenge is a work book that helps you to answer the question WHO AM I? Understand your values, your core motivators, your impact and how to create a life that is in alignment. Available to buy from Amazon UK and US.

30-day Identity Challenge (individuals)

Do you know who you are as a business? What sets you apart from all the other people doing the same thing as you? How are you unique? And how does this craft a niche out that is marketable and purposeful? A 30-day journey for business owners and leaders to define their unique business identity. 

30-day Identity Challenge (for business) 

The gates to paradise were closed many years ago and yet our search for Eden continues: a hoping and yearning to find a place to call home... a place in which we can thrive. Helen Cottee takes us on a unique journey to seek and build places we can call home, offering tools for us to transform the world we already dwell in. Buy the book from Amazon UK and US.

Searching for Eden

We are in a season like no other where people are questioning whether the faith they were handed growing up is what they thought it is. Deconstructing faith is a complex process, an unraveling of everything you thought was firm underfoot. The Liminal Faith Journal is a beautiful year-long guide through an unraveling faith. But from Amazon US and UK.

Liminal Faith Journal for faith reform

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