the old normal wasn’t working

Up until a few weeks ago, we were:

  1. over working

  2. over hustling

  3. too busy

  4. too stressed

  5. unable to be alone and stop

  6. without down time

  7. ‘more’ focused

  8. disconnected

  9. rushed

  10. over buying

  11. over consuming

  12. the gap between rich and poor was getting wider

  13. privilege was widening also

  14. we were killing out planet

  15. and many of our young men

I could go on…

Let’s be clear that we are having to create a new normal, but maybe we needed to. Maybe this is the universe sending us a giant message that enough is enough. Maybe.

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We keep talking about creating a new normal. Let’s just take a moment to name that the old normal wasn’t working. This is our opportunity to co-create something better.

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