Do you need

to reform your life? 

Who decides whether you're a success or not? If you're living a 'good' life or not? If you're a good parent? Or spouse? Or employee? Or Christian? Whether your physical body is acceptable or not? Whether you are winning at life or not?


Have you ever stopped to wonder what rules you have accepted in each of these roles, the 'scripts' you live and work under? 


Somewhere in my 30s I suddenly realised I hadn't. I was a mom, a wife, a woman, a leader, a Christian amongst other things - and I was living out most of these roles according to someone else's definitions of what they should be. And I often felt trapped in those roles, and like I was failing miserably, unable to succeed or win however hard I tried.


I started to look really closely at what I was expected to think and believe, how I was supposed to act and what I was supposed to believe about myself and my roles - and I started to question whether the rules I was living were somehow wrong...

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