There’s something about another decade ticking over that forces us to stop and take stock of where we are.


And of course, where we’re not.


It makes us realise the amazing growth and change we’ve walked out but also the areas of our life, work and habits that we didn’t make the changes we hoped we would.


Having worked with over 200 clients, I recognise that there are certain patterns people have who are ready for change. Often, all they need is a little clarity about how to make the changes stick.


What better time to make the change than at the start of a new decade?


In January 2020 I will be taking a cohort of people through a process of clarifying the changes they want and setting a strong course ahead on the road to something new.



With weekly group coaching, daily coaching exercises and 1-1 coaching sessions with me, I can help you to create a map to guide you through the changes you want to make - to make sure this decade is all you want it to be.


Where do you see yourself in ten years' time?

What are you tired of struggling with?

What change do you know you’ve been ready to make for a while?


I’d love to help you to get unstuck and start the year strong. 





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