one to one coaching

I offer a limited number of one to one coaching spots, where people can deep dive into their own reform journeys. 

Most of us struggle with areas of our lives that feel constricting, like an old coat that we have outgrown. We find ourselves asking the question 'There has to be another way?' in our relationships, our faith system our life rhythm, or our very identity as humans on this planet. Finding that 'other way' is hard though. Most people won't leave an old system until they can see the shore of something new. 

The coaching program I offer helps you see the shore; guiding you to find a new 'form' as you deconstruct from the old and reconstruct something new. 

We are in a season of change like no other in history when we are seeing systems for what they really are. Our religious structures, political structures, social structures, and personal structures are not working. We are the only species on earth that are destroying our own habitat. We are surrounded by racial and gender injustices. We are overworked, stressed, hustling to get more and more. Our women are still hitting glass ceilings in their homes, churches, and workplaces. Black and brown bodies are still being broken open. The LGBTQI community is still being denigrated and persecuted.  Our men are killing themselves at alarming rates. And our churches have wider back doors than front doors, often for very good reasons. 

Something is not working. And yet, I am filled with hope.

We are in the season of birthing something new. Old systems are coming down. We are starting to sit up and take notice. More people are starting to question and doubt. More marginalised voices are being heard and amplified. More normal, down to earth folk are refusing to accept toxic behaviours and beliefs. We are in a Divinely inspired cosmic shift - and we are being invited to partner in the creation of something new, good, and beautiful.

For more information about one to one coaching through an area of personal, professional, social, or faith reform please email me to find out more. And for more info on the reform process go to the website.

(As I only take a handful of clients at any time, a waitlist may apply).