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Wheel of Life Coaching Activity: A wheel of life is a way of looking at your happiness and success in different areas of life. By having an accurate representation of what is work and what isn't, you are then able to see where you need make necessary changes in order to create a more balanced and successful life.

A blessing as you leave this home: I wrote this blessing for a friend who was leaving a space that had felt like home. We all have natural transitions and out grow the 'homes' we have dwelt in because we need something new, something wider and more open to who we are becoming. If you know there is a space you are ready to leave, I hope this blessing will be just that.

Your Personal Values: Your personal values are characteristics that are like puzzle pieces. When you put them together they make up a unique 'YOU'. When you know your personal values, you can make decisions about work and every other aspect of your life, that honours who you are and what brings you to life. This exercise helps you to know what your personal values are.

Living inside out: This extended coaching exercise is an introduction to my 'reform' coaching process. We all live from the conditioning we have been raised in that forms the world view through which we see ourselves, others and the world. These 'shoulds' force us to live outside-in... governed by the rules and expectations of others. Freedom and fulfilment are found when we start to shake off the shoulds of others and start living according to our own values and beliefs.

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A guide to figuring out who you really are and what you really want.


The 30-day IDENTITY Challenge is a guided coaching process to help you dive into The IDENTITY Framework. A great way to 'toe-dip' into identity coaching, this amazingly affordable workbook journal is available to buy immediately: have a greater sense of clarity about who you are and what you want before the week is out.

Available on Amazon UK

and on Amazon US

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Liminal faith takes us away from neat lines and too-simple definitions of God and spirituality.


This journal is designed to help you ask great questions of your heart, mind, will and spirit. You are invited to wander and wonder around the landscape of your own soul and dive deep into a richness of faith that connects you to something truly Divine. This journal will help you lean into the ‘liminal’ or threshold place in your own faith, the place where the old and the new mingle in order to help you to explore an expanded, widening faith that is deeply resonant and spiritually alive. 

Available on Amazon UK

and on Amazon US

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